Alix Lucas
Credit: Sandro Mosco ©

Artist statement

I am a Paris-born visual artist who has been working with both digital and analog photography for over a decade. I graduated from university with a Masters in Art History and after working for many years as a communication manager, I decided to move to Berlin to work within its artistic community.

When I worked in the advertisement industry, I had to touch up many pictures in order to make them look perfect and without any flaws.

I realised after a while that these fake images were actually harmful. As we are constantly exposed to perfect contents, we can feel pressurised to reach an inaccessible perfection ourselves, leading to a lot of frustration.

My work encourages an alternative perception of images.

For example, my two projects ‘Haunting Dreams’ and ‘FAILED.’ are composed of spoiled shots. During the shows, the audience was at first confused but quickly enjoyed the cathartic feeling.

I also like to question the public about their own image. During my happening ‘Swap market’ I offered to trade objects against portraits of the ‘customers’. The participants had to sign a photographic release with the full right of diffusion of their image. They had no idea of what would happen to their picture.