Alix Lucas


They/He. Non-Binary Trans-Masculine Mixed-Media Visual Artist and Performer

With dual Master’s degrees in Art History and New Technologies, Alix moved to Berlin, exploring society’s ideals of perfection and normativity through their art.

In 2018, Alix moved to New Caledonia, a French Colony claiming its independence. There, Alix spent a year in a residency, conducting research and presenting exhibitions that explored the intricate dynamics of coexistence on colonized land.

Returning to Berlin in 2020, Alix adapted to the challenges posed by the pandemic. They learned the craft of printmaking and bookbinding, creating art forms that could be appreciated remotely.

Since then, Alix’s art has centered on the intersection of new technology, gender, and our body perception in society.

Alix self-published their first art book in 2023, AI ALLY, which documents their coming out with the help of AI.